The Zombie Revue

So, Friday just happened and as it did, so did our very first official event, “Running From Zombies: Zombie Apocalypse at the Queenshilling.” Fancy a re-cap? Oh, go on then…
Firstly a massive Thank You to everyone at the Queenshilling for making us feel so welcome, for ripping out furniture and accomodating our particular brand of crazy; I think we’re falling in love! We had our zombie Psycho:Vision footage (Courtesy of ANT) on all the video screens and projected onto the windows for anyone passing too see – totally crazy! We had stage lights ripped up and raised to illuminate our performers in custom purple and green… so fantastic! And don’t get me started on the band… actually, do!

Running From Zombies kicked total ass! So happy to have them playing for us, the crowd loved it and we had so many great responses from party-goers, I think we felt a little like Sally Fields by the end of the night. Congratulations once again to our contest winner, as seen on the header image of this post; we hope you enjoy your RFZ merch!

It was great to see people all dressed up as well; I love it when someone really goes all out and puts a whole bunch of effort into their look for an event, it just ties everything together so nicely. If you missed the bands performance or wanted to catch some of the hightlights of the night, take a gander at the pics by Camrakaze, one of our official Psycho:Drama papparazzo . There are some great shots of you all in there, with a few examples of the evening below! And, if you missed the night you can live it vicariously through his work in our ever-devloping photos areas and the video that is soon to follow – keep your eyes peeled ladies and gents!
Major thanks also go to our extra special guest DJ’s Penny Bizarre and Retrosexual, ABSOLUTELY LOVED those sets, really fantastic! Can’t wait to get you guys back behind the decks, it just makes me misty everytime I think about it… Oooh!
Miss Piss?! Calling Miss Piss?! Did you excuse yourself before you took the stage with Luke for your compering duties… You should have… EXCUSED YOUR BEAUTY!!!! I love a sack faced beauty queen like no other bitch in town and to be accompanied by your very own special web designing, PSL-translatin’, zombie plagued wonder man was just phenomenal. Loved every second of it… even if at times we had no idea what you were saying… Russian hookers and what now?!

Oh and Miss Roseblade… yes Ruby, you! Resplendant in the blood of the less than innocent I’m sure, you looked so fine I could have eaten you up myself. The word is GORE-JUSS sweetie darlings!
So many amazing developments coming your way ghoulfriends, I’m practically busting out all over the place (if it wasn’t for this corset straining away, I probably would) in desperate need to tell you all of the amazing stuff we have planned for you… but you must wait… wait and see my pretties. All will soon be revealed.
Watch this space cutie pies, the things we have in store might just blow you AWAY!!!!


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