Sushi, anyone?

こんいちは! (Konnichiwa!)

Psycho:Drama returns to the wonderful QueenShilling on May 10th at 10pm (clicky clicky) for an evening of the usual dancing, drinking and debauchery but with a little bit of a far-east twist…

Are you all about 8-bit? Are 漫画 (manga) and 着物 (kimono) your thing? Can you tell your “Sushi” from your “Siouxsie?” Then this is the evening for you! If you come dressed up, we might even give you some discounted entry!

And as if this wasn’t enough to tempt you Japanophiles out, we’ve got Kid Carpet dishing out his wondrous sounds live for you lovely folk.

We’ll see you on the 10th!


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