An Open Letter to Bristol MP’s; Dawn Primarolo, Charlotte Leslie, Stephen Williams and Kerry McCarthy

Museveni signed the bill today in defiance of the international community
Museveni signed the bill today in defiance of the international community

Dear MEP’s for Bristol; Ms McCarthy, Ms Leslie, Rt Hon Primarolo and Mr Williams

We are writing to you today in the hopes that you may utilise your public standing in an effort to influence change on an international level.

With the recent and shocking decision to pass the ‘Kill the gays’ bill, as it has become known in Uganda, it is now imperative that our MEP’s and prominent political figures stand with the members of their community to help support and implement strategies of change that could help save lives.
Museveni’s regime has relied on corruption and moral scapegoating to pass this law into effect and it stands to ruin the lives of his people, those who are not disimilar to ourselves. The global outcry must be deafening and seek to turn the tide back in favour of progress and toward acceptance, it is imperative that the freedoms of our brothers and sisters abroad do not suffer at the hands of petty dictators in any country or state.
We ask you, as prominent members of the diplomatic community, to voice your concerns and demand that the law be over-turned. This must not continue.

We have faith that your own ideals and goals foster an inclusive society for all regardless of race, gender, sexuality, creed or political allegiance and that this extends further than within the borders of our own county.
Please, demand that Museveni rescind the bill, that he reach out to his LGBT constituents and approach them with compassion and care. He is in a position of trust, one similar to yourselves, wherein his people hope for equality and freedom. Do not let this continue.

Be loud, make your voices and also, the voices of the city you represent, be heard…
Kind Regards


Please feel free to use this letter and ask for you local MP’s to support LGBT persons in Uganda – HERE is a list for Bristol

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