EBM, Goth, Industrial… we must be entering, the REPUBLIC!



This Weekend, Denizens of Bristol’s Dark-Side Promise More Gothic Gloom than you can Handle, Ghoulfriend…

They’re baaaaack! That’s right everybody, Dj’s OMEGA, Malice and P:D’s own, ANT return to bring you more Gothic melodies and thunderous Industrial noise! Don’t forget their motto Dress to impress, drink to excess and party the night away…

Miss Malice, aNt and Omega will be back playing tunes from:
Abney Park/Alien Sex Fiend/Apoptygma Berzerk/Bauhaus/The Beauty of Gemina/The Birthday Massacre/Blutangel/The Chameleons/Christian Death/Clan of Xymox/Combichrist/Covenant/The Cruxshadows/The Cure/The Damned/The Dark/Das Ich/The Dream Disciples/Fields of the Nephilim/Grendel/House of Usher/Icon of Coil/Killing Joke/Lacuna Coil/The Last Dance/London After Midnight/Manuskript/March Violets/The Marionettes/The Merry Thoughts/The Mission/Modulate/New Model Army/Nine Inch Nails/Nosferatu/Rosetta Stone/Rotersand/Siouxsie and the Banshees/The Sisters of Mercy/Specimen/VNV Nation/XrX and many, many more!

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