REVIEW: Nasty Little Lonely – Son of the Flies EP


Nasty Little Lonely: Son of the Flies EP Review by Dj Maddox

A while ago, maybe a few whiles ago, me and fellow resident DJ Dis Charge took a trip down to The Fleece to see Lydia Lunch and her Big Sexy Noise band and like most gigs attended we were unaware of who the support band were. Local Bristol band Nasty Little Lonely, formerly named ‘Rock in Your Pocket’ took to the stage. They had a great presence and a gritty, grunge post- punk sound, Charlie B (lead singer and bassist) was engaging, and the band played a horror-show set.

NLL Live

Now, I can’t recall all songs that were performed that night, the only things I do remember were that they did perform a cover of the Birthday Party – Deep in the Woods, (which was a pleasant surprise, both being big fans) as well as a rousing rendition of ‘Nobody’s Bitch But Mine’ and that I told one of the members from Big Sexy Noise (after he invited us back to the hotel) that my vagina was going to create a flood of biblical proportions and that he better start building himself a sea worthy vessel. It was fair to say, we all had a brilliant night.

Since then Nasty Little Lonely have come up in many conversations between Dis and I, so clearly when we were talking about getting a band to perform for PSYCHO:DRAMA VS. LICKETY SPLIT @Queenshilling, July. They were our first choice.

Recently I purchased their EP: Son of the Flies via their Bandcamp website. The 4 track EP has a dark and aggressive sound complimented by eerie bitter sweet vocals, arousing nightmarish pleasure creating an intelligent noise. Not one track sounds like the other.

The album comes in hard and heavy with a strong bass line and drawn out guitar riffs. The track ‘Lizardbrain’ starts out with a pretty grunge intro but takes a surprising turn into a rhythmic filthy blues, reminiscent of the afforementioned Birthday Party. I liked this one a lot!

Now its hard not to compare new bands to already existing established ones but I would say if you’re a fan of Daisy Chainsaw/Queen Adreena, Jack off Jill or early Nick Cave, Nasty Little Lonely will not disappoint!

Purchase their EP here:

Also please sign the petition to save The Fleece:

Don’t forget, you can catch NLL LIVE at Psycho:Drama in July!!!


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