Psycho:Drama VS. Lickety Split Feat. NASTY LITTLE LONELY!!!!!

NLL Live

Noise Rock Legends Set to Rock the House under the United Queer Alternative

Super proud to announce that PD will be teamed up with awesome alt. music event and Queenshilling family, Lickety Split, to bring you Bristols very own giants of scuzz rock…. Nasty Little Lonely

That’s right, brilliant and brash, NLL will be playing LIVE for your pleasure, bringing their own brand of down and dirty darkness toPsychoDrama for the first time and we cannot wait!!!!!

Want a taste of the chaos to come?! Look no further here’s NLL’s ‘Son of the Flies’ in all its glory…

Nasty Little Lonely

Click HERE to attend and keep up with all of our announcements…

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