Nasty Little Lonely Smashed Psycho:Drama!

Courtesy of Proper Job Photos
Courtesy of Proper Job Photos

Noise Mongers of Bristol Leave us Bruised, Broken and Begging for More!

Friday night’s Psycho:Drama vs. Lickety Split was AWESOME! Thank you to everyone for coming out and partying with us!

If you missed our shennanygoats then have a look over these awesome photos below and catch a glimpse of the action from our promo video here:

Nasty Little Lonely

It was a special occasion for Charlie of NLL who held her birthday bash with us, to celebrate we bought a cake!

C/O Proper Job Photos
C/O Proper Job Photos


here’s some choice cuts from the bands performance C/O Proper Job photography…


Have a look over the rest of PJ’s shots from the night HERE and HERE!

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