JUDDER! The Musical…


Legendary Alt. Night Returns Feat. Guest DJ Sets By DeadPunkBoy


That’s right folks, those wunderkind at Judder return this Friday to bring you the most anticipated costume event of the season – don your cowardly lion suit, your Mary Poppers truss and get your vocal chords limbered up as you prepare for to sing along to only the finest alternative anthems…

The lovely team at Judder had this to say…

It’s finally here. The most anticipated theme of the year!! Judder the musical will be bringing you the BEST night out in town.
Banging tunes, cheap drinks, and awesome atmosphere. So bring your party pants and your finest musical themed fancy dress!!

£3 before 11
£4 nus/flyer
£5 all others.

This event is held in the 2 Pigs in Cheltenham and for more info please head over to the FB event, HERE!

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