About Us

Welcome to Psycho:Drama

We are heterosexual-friendly truly alternative LGBT club night based in Bristol. We run on the second Friday of each month at The Queenshilling, Frogmore Street. We play an eclectic mix of rock, indie, electro punk, EBM, industrial, and just about all the bits in-between.

In our 5 years as an alternative night on the LGBT scene, we’ve been pleased to bring out the quirkier side of life in venues such as The Hatchet, guest DJ-ing at the O2 arena and other club nights in Bristol, having the opportunity to open Bristol Pride for both 2012 and 2013, and be invited to play at other alternative evenings, such as the wonderful DirtyFilthySexy in Nottingham.

We are proud to offer a break from the mainstream and we always try to provide our patrons with the best in alternative music, performances and awareness of LGBT issues locally and worldwide.

The Psycho:Drama Team


ANT – Alongside Deadpunkboy, ANT founded Psycho:Drama and started off a chain of events that would lead to it becoming an unmissable event, with three years and counting! His expertise in creativity spreads from the visual to the audible, creating some excellent DJ sets when he is behind the decks. ANT can also be seen at other alternative nights in the area, and has a repertoire spanning Republic, Sweet Dreams, Elvira’s, Pandora’s Box and the Dark Waters Festival.

Maddox – Our newest associate to the DJ booth, Maddox guarantees a mix of music to please even the most discriminating of club-goers. But it’s not just her beats that make the ground shake; she’s arguably one of the most sought-after alternative models in the area. With her ever-adapting looks and incredible selection of footwear, she creates a flawless style that others can only dream of achieving (Damn her!)

Experiment 642 (Lawrence) – in 2012 a bored university fresher once walked out of a venue in an all too familiar mix of disgust and boredom. Just as he was about to give up and go home, he walked past a small venue playing the human league. In the spirit of nothing to lose, Lawrence ascended to stairs to Psychodrama, and to this day hasn’t left. With a taste for hard rock and an obsession with the 80’s, Experiment 642 has yet to disappoint.


DJ GraySkale – 

Gone But Not Forgotten



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